February K-Zone, Animation Nation? One Month Anniversary Post

ANIMATION huh w colour

It’s almost the one month anniversary of The Animated Sky! Just one day to go!

In the end, I had to get myself a little anniversary present.

Wow! I never really thought I would buy something like this, because these magazines are only for young kids right? However, the moment I looked at the cover of this edition I had to buy it. Not only did it have Beymax from Big Hero 6 on the cover (my first ever post being a review of Big Hero 6) but in large print in the middle of the cover it said


Cover photo 1monthani

How perfect! Such a fun coincidence. I figured it matched the theme of my blog pretty well, and maybe it might give me some ideas of shows to review or other posts to write.

Okay, I’ve never bought a K-Zone before… So I didn’t really know what to expect.

Spoiler alert… It seems Big Hero 6 won the Golden Glob award! I’m glad I gave it a good review.

I couldn’t help but notice the best anime page… what’s wrong with Naruto? I mean the picture they used, not the fact that it was only a runner up.  I don’t remember Naruto being a robot. Maybe I’m not up to that bit in Shippuden yet, but can anyone say SPOILER ALERT?

I haven’t heard of any of the most anticipated animated shows/movies. Hmm. I might have to get onto that!

Perhaps I should do a review of The Legend of Korra, or a first impression of Adventure Time!

So stay tuned!


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Naruto Anime Review

Naruto 1

This story is about Naruto, who is a young ninja in training. He is an orphan who is mostly shunned by the village because unbeknownst to him, he has the spirit of the nine tailed fox sealed inside of him. The same nine tailed fox that had previously almost massacred the village.

Naruto takes a very long time to really get going. It has a fairly strong first few episodes, but after that it becomes fairly dry for quite a number of episodes. However when it gets going it transitions into something truly deserving of all the praise it’s given.

Naruto Uzumaki Wallpaper HD

Image taken from Pinterest.

Naruto himself is an entertaining and inspiring character, however I found that I strongly disliked Sasuke and Sakura from the very beginning. I found them to be quite irritating and I felt that their presence in this series was much too prominent for my liking. The entirety of the multitude of secondary characters, were I felt all quite well written and interesting.

So in conclusion, Naruto is quite slow to start but I would certainly recommend it.


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One Piece First Reaction

One Piece

One Piece is probably one of the most popular anime that I’ve heard of, so of course I decided that I would eventually have to start watching it. Anyway, my original impression was that it is a fairly good show, but it moved incredibly slowly and I thought that it contained far too many unnecessary emotional moments for a shounen anime. In my opinion, shounen anime should have a more limited number of quite striking emotional moments, or else they lose their effect and become tiresome.


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The Simpsons Family guy Crossover Special review

Simpsons GC

The Simpsons/Family Guy special starts off as a regular Family Guy episode until the Griffin family are chased out of their home town and end up in Springfield.

Despite a few fairly amusing jokes, I found this to not be quite as enjoyable as I expected. My main gripe is that this episode wasn’t long enough to cover all the ground that I think they should have.

I also feel they put a higher priority on long running, but fairly insignificant jokes. For example the Homer and Peter “Chicken Fight.” While it was fun and novel to watch I would’ve much preferred something a little more substantial, especially when considering that they said themselves that they most likely won’t make another.

family-guy-simpsons-crossover-12(Courtesy of TVline.com)

What I think they should have included instead is a segment on Stewie and Maggie. I think it would have been much more interesting to see their interactions than any of the interactions between characters that they actually displayed.

I think there was an especially good opportunity to present Maggie as the true evil genius in a faceoff between the two.

Apart from this, I enjoyed the segment on Brian and Santa’s Little Helper and despite its briefness I also enjoyed the Lois and Marge segment. I found it very interesting to see Meg and Lisa talk, because it really helps to highlight how incredibly different the characters are.

I found the interaction between Stewie and Bart somewhat interesting, but I found that this was best towards the end.

So all in all, this crossover episode was mildly enjoyable. However I feel that it hardly lives up to its true potential.


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Naruto First Reaction

Naruto 1

Naruto is quite an enjoyable show, but it is very slow at the start. It begins on a fairly light and humorous level. I really loved the way in which they introduced his backstory at first, and actually showed a short clip from his past before smoothly transitioning to his life in the present. However its age really shows, and it certainly isn’t the best series I have seen so far. Naruto takes quite a number of episodes to show its true colours as what its fans know and love. Unfortunately however, this takes quite a bit of patience to wade through.

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Code Geass Anime Review


I don’t usually watch anime of the mech genre, however Code Geass really reaches beyond this genre.

This show focuses mostly on storyline, which is very intricate and deep and yet despite this it contains many action-packed fight scenes. These involve a fair bit of strategy involved to display Lelouch’s immense tactical skill.

Lelouch is a prince of Brittania, which has taken over a good deal of the world. This includes Japan, which has been given the title Area 11. When Lelouch was young his mother was killed and his sister lost the use of both her eyes and her legs. In the present, he attends a Brittanian school while masking his true identity. While travelling back to school, he gets caught up in the activities of a group of terrorists against his will. While his life is in danger, he meets a girl who saves him and grants him the power of “Geass”, which forces anyone to obey his commands one time. He then recruits the terrorists under the persona of “Zero”, and fights against the Brittanian Empire to create a world where his little sister Nunnally can be safe.

File:Code geass main page picture.png(Courtesy of the code geass wiki)

Frankly the plot of Code Geass is one that I consider epic. It is highly intricate, and also emotionally quite striking. For those who don’t like sad shows, I would not recommend this. However personally I found this to be one of the most enjoyable shows that I have seen.

The characters were mostly quite well developed, my only qualms were that I found that I rather disliked the character Suzaku. I also couldn’t stand Nina and found her to be an entirely irritating character.

I often don’t talk about animation styles in my review unless they are outstanding in one way or another, or fairly different from the norm and affect the viewing experience in some way. However there was one aspect of the animation that I found to be highly unusual and unique, and which I also found caused a great impact on me as the viewer. It was the way the facial expressions on characters were drawn, especially the way each character’s face would twist when facing an emotionally confronting moment. I found that this really helped to intensify those scenes and leave a lasting impression. The simple fact that I can picture these expressions clearly, months after I last saw them is simply incredible.


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Family Guy – The Peter Griffin Impersonator


Has anyone seen the Peter Griffin Impersonator? When I first spotted this video I was in awe. I thought it would be pretty cool to be able to talk to a lifelike version of Peter Griffin. However, to be honest after watching the video I was less than impressed. The impersonator may have had the right look, but the voice felt off to me and he didn’t respond to questions about his life on the show naturally. It definitely felt to me like it was someone who had read summaries of the show and characters beforehand as supposed to answers that would be true to the character or even a fan.

However I do like the bit where he talks about opening toys, I really enjoyed that.

It is still interesting and worth watching though, so if you’re a fan of Family Guy, I recommend that you check it out.

Below are some of the videos I saw. Have a watch!


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The Ultimate Battle in Bleach (Pre-Timeskip) (Spoilers)

Espada sky

(Note: This post excludes all fights after the timeskip, as I have not watched them. This post also has spoilers.)

The ultimate fight, in most cases, is both the greatest and the last. However in this case Ichigo’s battle with Aisen was not really his last battle, and in my opinion it was certainly not his greatest! It was the battle between Tensa Zangetsu and Aisen. Due to the fact that the final getsuga tenchou was Ichigo turning into another person, a power that was very suddenly introduced as the final battle was fast encroaching, this was not truly his battle. This was a battle which was solved with a near miraculous stroke of luck, a Deus ex Machina.

Ichigo admits himself that he is never a match for Tensa Zangetsu and that there is too great a difference between their powers. In the end he gains the final getsuga tenchou by submitting to Tensa Zangetsu in battle. Thus he never really won this final battle, not even indirectly.

Instead I believe that his battle with Ulquiorra was his ultimate fight. He may not have fought him directly after changing into his fully hollowfied state, but his co-existence with the hollow inside of him was set up from the very beginning of this show. It was explained that he constantly had to fight against this hollow to remain in control of his own body, and that he could both borrow its powers and be taken over by it during fights. Every time this happens he has to battle against it to regain control. So when Ichigo fully hollowfies and defeats Ulquiorra, he then has to defeat the hollow and so he still fought this battle. It was simply an indirect victory.

I found Ichigo’s fight with Ulquiorra to be my favourite out of the many battles in Bleach. It was the most entertaining, and the most meaningful moment of the show. I also think that it would have made for a strong and poignant ending.


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The Simpsons Movie Review

Simpsons GC

The Simpsons Movie is based on the incredibly popular television series The Simpsons. This movie is about their home town of Springfield being contained within a dome and the Simpson Family’s journey to rescue it.

I have to praise this film on a comedic level, in this aspect it has certainly achieved what it was meant to accomplish.

One thing that I wouldn’t have expected in this movie was the heavy focus on the environment, which I personally believe was intended as a lesson for the viewers. I found the particular villain they used to be very unusual. I wasn’t really a fan of this, especially since they gave no particular backstory or reason for their actions despite the effects of power on their mind. However their actions were still without any form of provocation, whether it be major, minor, deliberate or unwitting, which is completely illogical despite their form of incomplete madness.

This movie is a typical example of those written specifically for a young audience in today’s current society. To be honest, I found that it had a very different feel from the regular Simpsons episodes. I discovered that past the original hype of the movie, the different atmosphere of the movie along with some elements that didn’t really work gave me a certain hesitancy when rewatching it. I also didn’t think that the more serious nature of this film worked with the nature of the Simpsons franchise in general.


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Anime Subs versus Dubs


There are many different views out there on dubs and subs. Often people will choose to watch either one or the other for most anime. There are also some who condemn both in the belief that you can’t get the true value of anime when it’s translated, but I’ll leave that topic for another day. I myself usually watch dubs when they are available and subs when dubs are unavailable.

The big question that people seem to wonder about is, which is better? However I don’t believe that a question this broad can be answered so simply, and that it should be judged on a show by show basis.

Courtesy of foregolfproperties.com

For example I have watched both the subbed and dubbed versions of Blue Exorcist and found that the voice actor who played Yukio in the subbed version made the character seem very unlikeable, even though I believe he wasn’t meant to have been portrayed that way. Whereas Johnny Yong Bosch from the dubbed version made Yukio’s character seem like he was essentially a good person, despite having some flaws. So in this case I preferred the dubbed version.

However in the case of Kamisama Kiss, I found that the voice actors did a fairly good job in the subbed version. While all of the voice actors in the dub were very talented, I felt that they were wrongly cast for the roles they were fulfilling. So in this case I preferred the subbed version, even though I’d probably watch the dubbed version again too depending on my mood at the time.

I don’t often watch series in both sub and dub, but these are a few examples. I may consider doing this for more series if you guys want sub and dub comparisons for other series though, so leave a comment if you do!


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