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There are many different views out there on dubs and subs. Often people will choose to watch either one or the other for most anime. There are also some who condemn both in the belief that you can’t get the true value of anime when it’s translated, but I’ll leave that topic for another day. I myself usually watch dubs when they are available and subs when dubs are unavailable.

The big question that people seem to wonder about is, which is better? However I don’t believe that a question this broad can be answered so simply, and that it should be judged on a show by show basis.

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For example I have watched both the subbed and dubbed versions of Blue Exorcist and found that the voice actor who played Yukio in the subbed version made the character seem very unlikeable, even though I believe he wasn’t meant to have been portrayed that way. Whereas Johnny Yong Bosch from the dubbed version made Yukio’s character seem like he was essentially a good person, despite having some flaws. So in this case I preferred the dubbed version.

However in the case of Kamisama Kiss, I found that the voice actors did a fairly good job in the subbed version. While all of the voice actors in the dub were very talented, I felt that they were wrongly cast for the roles they were fulfilling. So in this case I preferred the subbed version, even though I’d probably watch the dubbed version again too depending on my mood at the time.

I don’t often watch series in both sub and dub, but these are a few examples. I may consider doing this for more series if you guys want sub and dub comparisons for other series though, so leave a comment if you do!


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