Code Geass Anime Review


I don’t usually watch anime of the mech genre, however Code Geass really reaches beyond this genre.

This show focuses mostly on storyline, which is very intricate and deep and yet despite this it contains many action-packed fight scenes. These involve a fair bit of strategy involved to display Lelouch’s immense tactical skill.

Lelouch is a prince of Brittania, which has taken over a good deal of the world. This includes Japan, which has been given the title Area 11. When Lelouch was young his mother was killed and his sister lost the use of both her eyes and her legs. In the present, he attends a Brittanian school while masking his true identity. While travelling back to school, he gets caught up in the activities of a group of terrorists against his will. While his life is in danger, he meets a girl who saves him and grants him the power of “Geass”, which forces anyone to obey his commands one time. He then recruits the terrorists under the persona of “Zero”, and fights against the Brittanian Empire to create a world where his little sister Nunnally can be safe.

File:Code geass main page picture.png(Courtesy of the code geass wiki)

Frankly the plot of Code Geass is one that I consider epic. It is highly intricate, and also emotionally quite striking. For those who don’t like sad shows, I would not recommend this. However personally I found this to be one of the most enjoyable shows that I have seen.

The characters were mostly quite well developed, my only qualms were that I found that I rather disliked the character Suzaku. I also couldn’t stand Nina and found her to be an entirely irritating character.

I often don’t talk about animation styles in my review unless they are outstanding in one way or another, or fairly different from the norm and affect the viewing experience in some way. However there was one aspect of the animation that I found to be highly unusual and unique, and which I also found caused a great impact on me as the viewer. It was the way the facial expressions on characters were drawn, especially the way each character’s face would twist when facing an emotionally confronting moment. I found that this really helped to intensify those scenes and leave a lasting impression. The simple fact that I can picture these expressions clearly, months after I last saw them is simply incredible.


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