February K-Zone, Animation Nation? One Month Anniversary Post

ANIMATION huh w colour

It’s almost the one month anniversary of The Animated Sky! Just one day to go!

In the end, I had to get myself a little anniversary present.

Wow! I never really thought I would buy something like this, because these magazines are only for young kids right? However, the moment I looked at the cover of this edition I had to buy it. Not only did it have Beymax from Big Hero 6 on the cover (my first ever post being a review of Big Hero 6) but in large print in the middle of the cover it said


Cover photo 1monthani

How perfect! Such a fun coincidence. I figured it matched the theme of my blog pretty well, and maybe it might give me some ideas of shows to review or other posts to write.

Okay, I’ve never bought a K-Zone before… So I didn’t really know what to expect.

Spoiler alert… It seems Big Hero 6 won the Golden Glob award! I’m glad I gave it a good review.

I couldn’t help but notice the best anime page… what’s wrong with Naruto? I mean the picture they used, not the fact that it was only a runner up.  I don’t remember Naruto being a robot. Maybe I’m not up to that bit in Shippuden yet, but can anyone say SPOILER ALERT?

I haven’t heard of any of the most anticipated animated shows/movies. Hmm. I might have to get onto that!

Perhaps I should do a review of The Legend of Korra, or a first impression of Adventure Time!

So stay tuned!


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