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This story is about Naruto, who is a young ninja in training. He is an orphan who is mostly shunned by the village because unbeknownst to him, he has the spirit of the nine tailed fox sealed inside of him. The same nine tailed fox that had previously almost massacred the village.

Naruto takes a very long time to really get going. It has a fairly strong first few episodes, but after that it becomes fairly dry for quite a number of episodes. However when it gets going it transitions into something truly deserving of all the praise it’s given.

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Naruto himself is an entertaining and inspiring character, however I found that I strongly disliked Sasuke and Sakura from the very beginning. I found them to be quite irritating and I felt that their presence in this series was much too prominent for my liking. The entirety of the multitude of secondary characters, were I felt all quite well written and interesting.

So in conclusion, Naruto is quite slow to start but I would certainly recommend it.


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