Big Hero 6 review

Super hero GCBig Hero 6 is what they call a Marvel Anime, which means that it has been created by the widely known company Marvel. It is about Hiro, a young genius who creates robots and pits them against other robots in an underground fighting ring. His brother wants him to go to university like he does, so he shows him the lab operated by himself and his friends, as well as a robot of his own creation designed to give medical help. Hiro is inspired by this and decides he wants to go to the same university. He manages to impress the university enough to be allowed entry. However afterwards, unforeseen events cause his life to spiral into chaos, and he enlists the help of his brother’s friends and the robot, Beymax.

I thought the storyline of this movie was very well done. While there was an element that was synergistic with almost every other American animated children’s movie, it was much less than I was expecting. The plot twist towards the end was unexpected and yet was well set up from the start. Everything was consistent and flowed smoothly, with some well-placed humorous moments thrown in.

I did like the characters, but I felt most of them were fairly cliché. They really needed to put more depth into the college friends, because I felt that they were almost as stereotypical and simple as you can make a character. So much so that they really faded into the background for most of the show, even when it seemed as if they were meant to be main characters. I enjoyed seeing the dark side of Hiro towards the middle because I found it to be fairly unexpected.

One thing that irritated me during this show was that they used voice actors with such heavy American accents. They should’ve used actors with fairly neutral accents, considering that it was based in a fictional city that was a fusion of San Francisco and Tokyo. This applies especially to Hiro.

In conclusion, this is a very enjoyable movie, and while it does have its faults, in my opinion it is definitely worth watching.


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