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The Simpsons/Family Guy special starts off as a regular Family Guy episode until the Griffin family are chased out of their home town and end up in Springfield.

Despite a few fairly amusing jokes, I found this to not be quite as enjoyable as I expected. My main gripe is that this episode wasn’t long enough to cover all the ground that I think they should have.

I also feel they put a higher priority on long running, but fairly insignificant jokes. For example the Homer and Peter “Chicken Fight.” While it was fun and novel to watch I would’ve much preferred something a little more substantial, especially when considering that they said themselves that they most likely won’t make another.

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What I think they should have included instead is a segment on Stewie and Maggie. I think it would have been much more interesting to see their interactions than any of the interactions between characters that they actually displayed.

I think there was an especially good opportunity to present Maggie as the true evil genius in a faceoff between the two.

Apart from this, I enjoyed the segment on Brian and Santa’s Little Helper and despite its briefness I also enjoyed the Lois and Marge segment. I found it very interesting to see Meg and Lisa talk, because it really helps to highlight how incredibly different the characters are.

I found the interaction between Stewie and Bart somewhat interesting, but I found that this was best towards the end.

So all in all, this crossover episode was mildly enjoyable. However I feel that it hardly lives up to its true potential.


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