The Simpsons Movie Review

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The Simpsons Movie is based on the incredibly popular television series The Simpsons. This movie is about their home town of Springfield being contained within a dome and the Simpson Family’s journey to rescue it.

I have to praise this film on a comedic level, in this aspect it has certainly achieved what it was meant to accomplish.

One thing that I wouldn’t have expected in this movie was the heavy focus on the environment, which I personally believe was intended as a lesson for the viewers. I found the particular villain they used to be very unusual. I wasn’t really a fan of this, especially since they gave no particular backstory or reason for their actions despite the effects of power on their mind. However their actions were still without any form of provocation, whether it be major, minor, deliberate or unwitting, which is completely illogical despite their form of incomplete madness.

This movie is a typical example of those written specifically for a young audience in today’s current society. To be honest, I found that it had a very different feel from the regular Simpsons episodes. I discovered that past the original hype of the movie, the different atmosphere of the movie along with some elements that didn’t really work gave me a certain hesitancy when rewatching it. I also didn’t think that the more serious nature of this film worked with the nature of the Simpsons franchise in general.


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