Case Closed Anime Review (Detective Conan)

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Case Closed is the English dubbed version of the first five seasons of Detective Conan.

It is about Jimmy Kudo, a fully-fledged detective. While on a date with his best friend Rachel he discovers some suspicious characters and follows them. They in turn find him and they force-feed him an untested poison. He wakes up as a seven year old. His adventures continue as he helps out Rachel’s father, a rather incompetent detective in solving his cases, under the name of Conan Edagawa.

The basic premise of this show was quite enjoyable, and while anything of this nature is bound to be repetitive to some degree I felt that the writers usually did a good job of handling it. However the ordinary murder mysteries did get tiring. I much preferred it when they differed from the murder mysteries, these were by far my favourites. Seeing Conan and his friends from the Junior Detective Squad was the best part of the show in my opinion. I would have liked to see more episodes concerning the “mysterious men in black” who caused him to revert to being a child in the first place.

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The characters stay fairly constant throughout this series, but we do see some interesting development with Conan himself as his personality becomes more childlike as the series goes on to match his body. They also make the most of the comedic potential of the interactions between Conan and Rachel, which helped to keep this show fresh.

Case Closed is fairly old though, which you have to keep in mind when watching. While it does not heavily affect the content of this show, it does show in the artwork.


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