Haruhi Suzumiya The Endless Eight – Review and How To

Endless eight

The endless eight is a series of eight episodes that is caught in a time loop. Each episode is the same two weeks repeating over and over with only very subtle and minor differences.

Do I hate the endless eight?

Many people hate the endless eight with a passion, and while it is quite annoying, I actually don’t hate it. My reasons being that it is actually a very unique moment in anime history, and while there may be other anime that have a similar theme, there will still never be one quite like it.

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The trick to watching the endless eight and not being driven crazy!

I broke it up into two groups of four episodes each night, then while I watched them I surfed the net and played some light games online. These episodes are actually perfect to watch if you feel like doing something online, or even when you have to do a mundane routine task. (Just make sure it is something that won’t go too wrong if you make a mistake!)

However doing this means that you need to watch it dubbed, unless you know Japanese. So sorry to all those subs only people out there.


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