The Simpsons anime reference – treehouse of horror XXV

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So in this episode, I was so surprised to see this! I found it very enjoyable to see a major western cartoon tipping their hat to anime. Automatically I recognised that Bart was Naruto (from Naruto), Homer was Zorro (from One Piece), and Marge was Rangiku (from Bleach). I also knew that Maggie was a Pokemon, and while I actually have never seen this show I knew she was Pikachu because I used to know a lot of Pokemon fans. I didn’t, however, recognise Lisa or Santa’s Little Helper. I checked and found out that Lisa was Mikasa (from Attack on Titan) and Santa’s Little Helper was Haku (from Spirited Away). I was a little surprised that Attack on Titan was a part of this because I have never considered them as being for similar audiences. I probably should have recognised Haku, but I saw Spirited Away when I was 9 and was a little traumatised so I’m not really surprised that I didn’t.

While Bart matches Naruto quite well in both appearance and personality, Homer is nothing like Zorro and Marge is nothing like Rangiku. The tricky thing for them however is to also choose instantly recognisable characters for most of the general populous, especially for Homer, as his character doesn’t really fit the Japanese style.

To find out how I would recast these characters, keep checking for my post!


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