Valentine’s Day Special – Green tea kit kat taste test

Valentine's day

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I found these green tea kit kats at a local Japanese store, and I figured that nothing would be better on Valentine’s Day than to taste test chocolate!

After I unwrapped one, the first thing I noticed was that it was green, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten green chocolate before so I was curious to try it.

Kit kat

It didn’t smell particularly strong, I could only smell a hint of the green tea.

When I tasted it I could definitely taste the green tea, it wasn’t overpowering though. I could also taste the cream in the middle, which just tasted like plain cream to me. Just after eating it I thought it was fairly bland, but I was shocked by the aftertaste which was extremely sweet. I had to take a drink of water, but it doesn’t fade fast. It isn’t a bad aftertaste, but it just made me feel really thirsty!

Now that I think of it, I think that they would taste wonderful with milk.

All in all they were quite nice, just be sure to have a drink on hand!


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