xxxholic Anime Review


The first thing I should mention is that despite its suspicious name, this show is not anything dirty.

This show is about Watanuki, who can see spirits. One day he stumbles into a mysterious shop that claims to grant wishes, and mostly deals with the supernatural. He ends up as an employee of the shop, granting wishes with the occasional help of his school friends.

I found that, for me, I enjoyed the last half of this show much more than I did the first half. I found that it started off being unnecessarily grim, focusing on and magnifying the ways that peoples minor everyday flaws can cause major problems in their lives, simply exacerbated by the supernatural. I found that their dwelling on such a thing did not make for a very enjoyable show. However, the second half of this show was top notch. They wandered off from their starting theme and began focusing more on supernatural creatures themselves and much more interesting stories about the people suffering because of supernatural phenomena which were not as clearly displaying the victims as people with self-inflicted problems that were blown out of proportion.

I really enjoyed the interactions between the characters in this show, it was probably one of the best elements overall. I found that it was actually fairly unique in that despite the fact the relationship between Watanuki and his friends isn’t all that uncommon, they really put effort into the relationship between Watanuki and the less commonly featured characters.

I personally think that the characters in xxxholic weren’t actually very developed. Apart from Watanuki himself, they seemed to be fairly standard characters that could be summarised in one sentence.

I actually would have preferred to have seen a more defined storyline in this show. I commonly prefer the opposite, but I feel that it would have made it much more interesting and enjoyable in this case.

All in all the positives and the negatives of this show seemed to be evenly matched.


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