Futurama/American Dad Crossover (April Fools!)

My first video! I decided to create a prank crossover for April Fools Day between two shows I really love. I hope you like it!

April Fools







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American Dad is better than Family Guy?

Check it out

An article has appeared on whatculture that states ten reasons as to why they think American Dad is better than Family Guy. Their arguments are quite interesting, Click here to see it.

I’m glad to see this, honestly. I think it’s a shame when a writer’s most popular show overshadows the others they create. Often they’re of equal quality, and yet a large number of people remain ignorant of them due to the fact they aren’t as widespread as the big hits.

20th Century Fox Television

Image Courtesy of WhatCulture.com

Now this isn’t necessarily to say that they are unpopular, in the case of American Dad it’s quite the opposite. It’s just nice to see this sort of article, very refreshing!

However, there are cases where a perfectly good show can be overlooked because it’s overshadowed. Generator Rex was written by the same person as Ben 10. Ben 10 has developed a monstrous following, while Generator Rex has been mostly ignored.

So let me know what you think of secondary shows. I always try to at least give them a go, and often I find a treasure trove of entertainment.


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The New Pokemon? Youkai Watch!


A new video game has been all the rage recently in Japan, and with the release of its anime version it has boomed. Stores everywhere in Japan have sold out of its related merchandise.

You’ve guessed correctly, it’s Youkai Watch!

Youkai Watch. Image courtesy of Gematsu.com

Youkai Watch is a game that focuses on a group of fun and collectible characters, just like Pokemon. Youkai are, however a type of traditional Japanese ghost. This is quite interesting, I love the original roots of these creatures in folklore and I also love to see the creative spins they put on all of them to make them more entertaining or modern. They give them distinct personalities despite the default that you might or might not already know.

Top 100 Pokémon

Pokemon. Image courtesy of ign.com

For most western audiences, you may not know of youkai, but I recommend you give this show a try. They introduce the concept from scratch so that it’s easy to watch for most audiences.

In a similar fashion to Pokemon, it features several forms of purchasable (unless sold out) media. Video games, manga, anime, collectible tokens, playing cards, toys and more. With a multitude of devices to get people really immersed in Youkai Watch, there’s no wonder it’s spreading like wildfire.


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The World God Only Knows Anime Review

God only knows

The World God Only Knows is an anime about a boy who is obsessed with dating simulation games, and is not interested in real girls. He can master any game and calls himself the “God of Conquest”. One day he receives a message asking for help, he accepts it only to discover that he just accepted a contract from a demon. She asks for his help in removing loose souls from the hearts of humans and to do this he has to win the hearts of real girls.

I honestly really enjoyed this anime. I found the storyline to be entertaining and refreshing. It never became monotonous, however I do believe that it could have done so if it had continued so I was actually glad when it ended despite my enjoyment of it. I found the characters to be fairly charming, especially the main character Keima, who actually attracted me to this series in the first place. There is nothing more fun than an “eccentric” main character!

Most of the other characters are fairly stereotypical, but this really fits with the theme of this show and makes it all the more enjoyable. However I do think that they should have given Elsie more of a developed personality or backstory, as I thought her intensely shallow level of personality clashed quite badly in combination with the rest of the stereotypical cast and dragged down the whole show a little (in my opinion).

Courtesy of madman.com.au

There is a second season of this show, The World God Only Knows II. They also have a third season, which hasn’t been dubbed at the time of this post, called The World God Only Knows: Goddess.

So, will I enjoy the next season? Well I guess God Only Knows!


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Adventure Time First Reaction

Adventure time 2

I’ve heard a lot about how weird the Adventure Time cartoon is, but I had never actually watched it…

Well now I have. Let’s chat about it.

I certainly can’t deny that this show is weird. It is strange and random, and to be honest I wouldn’t want to marathon it. However it isn’t quite as odd as I expected, and it certainly is fun.

The characters may be visually unique, although to be completely honest I don’t think that they have personalities specific to this particular show. It certainly isn’t something to criticize though. I think that in this case, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! It fits especially well for a show of this style.

To me it seems reminiscent of a cartoon made with paint (the program). Lots of very bright colours and overly defined shapes, and yet this still retains a professional polish and a well-defined script. I guess that would explain how it has so easily captured the attention of so many people.

Adventure Time - House Poster (145)

Courtesy of Popcultcha.com


Adventure Time has an indistinct plotline. Every episode is based around an imaginative and spontaneous idea. This is my favourite aspect of it. I’m a huge fan of shows that do this, especially those that can do it successfully. With this kind of series it can be hit and miss. I’d consider it a hit.

It isn’t really my cup of tea, but I both understand and respect what has been created.


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A Certain Magical Index Anime Review

Close to perfect

This show is about a girl named Index and a boy, Toma, who takes it upon himself to help her. In a world of science, many people aren’t aware of the existence of magic. Index has an extensive number of magic books stored in her memory, despite this she can’t use magic herself.  When people pursue her for the books she has memorised, Toma decides he has to help protect her with his mysterious right hand which cancels out the mystical.

I really enjoyed this show at the start, however, I was quite disappointed to see how far the storyline skews from the main characters and their story towards the middle. I felt that there was a lot more potential that they just weren’t exploring. Since the show is called “A certain magical Index”, I expected it to focus a lot more on the magic and two main characters throughout its entirety.

After all, the secondary characters and storyline have their own show, “A Certain Scientific Railgun”, so they should have played a much smaller role in this one.

I really liked the main characters, as you may have already noticed. I also found the secondary group to be quite likeable, but the main cast are definitely the most humorous and delightful people in the show. I also found the person that the members of the church always conversed with in the chamber to be quite intriguing, I wish that they could have been expanded upon a little more.

I personally really enjoy shows with magic as a theme, and while I’ve only seen a few anime like this, I don’t believe that any of them have done very well so far on their execution. A Certain Magical Index was in my opinion, a step up from the others.

These are just a few things that I found disagreeable. Currently it is still a brilliant anime, but it had the potential for so much more.


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Anime in Real Life – You Can Own Your Own Dragon Balls


Many people know of the Dragon Ball Z anime, and it has developed a huge fan base over the years.

Within the title of the series is the goal the characters all strive for. The dragon balls are a set of seven crystal spheres which can summon a dragon, who will grant a wish.

Did you know, though, that there are animals called dragon balls?

There is a type of goldfish called a dragon ball, which may be an interesting pet for the avid Dragon Ball Z fan. Who knows, perhaps you could collect seven! It is a cross between the pearlscale and the telescope eye, giving it a rotund body shape and protruding eyes.

Dragon ball goldfish

This image courtesy of this youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkOobqSuCgA


However, unfortunately these fish are pretty hard to get. Is it as difficult to get these as the ones from the show? Maybe you can take on this mission, and find out.

dragon ball dragon ball

Badly edited fish says “leave a comment”


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The Tale of Princess Kaguya Review

Emotional movie

The Tale of Princess Kaguya is a beautiful, but tragic story. It depicts the life of a girl who appeared one day, out of a bamboo shoot, in the country. As she grows, she is taken to the city to live the life of a princess. However, that was not what she really wanted.

This is a movie is what I would call an example of simple beauty. The themes that it presents are powerful and clear. A tone that is compelling and rich with emotional turmoil.

I thought the artwork was perfectly suited to this style of film, complimenting it well with its free and playful nature. It also had a traditional tone to it, serving as a reminder of the story’s roots as a folktale. A picture truly can communicate more than words do.

Courtesy of JapanTimes.co.uk


There was clearly a great deal of effort and thought put into this movie, I commend those at Ghibli for their work.

This certainly isn’t a movie to watch if you’re looking for something fun or happy. I’m certain you will shed a few tears, as I did. However it is a stunning work, which I would highly recommend.


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Real Life Anime Character – Kohina from Gugure! Kokkuri san


Kohina Ichimatsu is a character from Gugure! Kokkuri san who at a very young age lives alone, and survives on nothing but instant ramen noodles. She can also see spirits and believes she is a doll, but that’s beside the point.

I found out that there is a woman called Georgi Readman who only eats chicken flavoured ramen noodles.

She started eating them when she was five, and since then hasn’t eaten anything else.

Not only this, but they actually look really similar. See for yourself!

Side by side

As you can see, Kohina is just like a younger version of Georgi

I’ve actually been wondering if Kohina’s character was based on Georgi. But I did a little checking, and according to AnimeNewsNetwork the manga was first released in June of 2011, while the news articles were released in April 2013. Spooky, isn’t it?

gugure_kokkuri_san-01-kohina-ramen-eating-chibi-looking_upeats-noodles (nydailynews.com)


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Natsume Yuujinchou Anime Review

fun anime

Natsume Yuujinchou is telling of the adventures of Natsume, a young man who can see spirits. A long time ago his grandmother, who had the same ability, defeated spirits and collected their names in a book called the “Book of Friends”. Any spirits whose names were written in this book had no choice but to serve whoever held it in their possession. When Natsume finds this book spirits try to attack him, some to get their names back and some to gain the power of the Book of Friends. He decides to try to release every spirit (excluding the evil ones) from the Book of Friends with the help of his bodyguard, Nyanko Sensei, a spirit who takes the form of a cat.

The storyline was very well done. It was quite basic, but it allowed for a good number of episodes of varying styles and purposes.

(Image courtesy of tvtropes.org)

The majority of the characters were lively and interesting. While Natsume himself couldn’t be faulted, I still found my attention and favour was mostly drawn to Nyanko Sensei. After all this was what he was created to do. He was certainly the most entertaining character in this show and by far my favourite. I do wonder if my age could have affected my opinion of this character, however.

I would quite like to hear the opinions of all my readers to see if you felt the same way. So comment below and tell me what you thought of Nyanko Sensei.

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