A Certain Magical Index Anime Review

Close to perfect

This show is about a girl named Index and a boy, Toma, who takes it upon himself to help her. In a world of science, many people aren’t aware of the existence of magic. Index has an extensive number of magic books stored in her memory, despite this she can’t use magic herself.  When people pursue her for the books she has memorised, Toma decides he has to help protect her with his mysterious right hand which cancels out the mystical.

I really enjoyed this show at the start, however, I was quite disappointed to see how far the storyline skews from the main characters and their story towards the middle. I felt that there was a lot more potential that they just weren’t exploring. Since the show is called “A certain magical Index”, I expected it to focus a lot more on the magic and two main characters throughout its entirety.

After all, the secondary characters and storyline have their own show, “A Certain Scientific Railgun”, so they should have played a much smaller role in this one.

I really liked the main characters, as you may have already noticed. I also found the secondary group to be quite likeable, but the main cast are definitely the most humorous and delightful people in the show. I also found the person that the members of the church always conversed with in the chamber to be quite intriguing, I wish that they could have been expanded upon a little more.

I personally really enjoy shows with magic as a theme, and while I’ve only seen a few anime like this, I don’t believe that any of them have done very well so far on their execution. A Certain Magical Index was in my opinion, a step up from the others.

These are just a few things that I found disagreeable. Currently it is still a brilliant anime, but it had the potential for so much more.


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