American Dad is better than Family Guy?

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An article has appeared on whatculture that states ten reasons as to why they think American Dad is better than Family Guy. Their arguments are quite interesting, Click here to see it.

I’m glad to see this, honestly. I think it’s a shame when a writer’s most popular show overshadows the others they create. Often they’re of equal quality, and yet a large number of people remain ignorant of them due to the fact they aren’t as widespread as the big hits.

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Now this isn’t necessarily to say that they are unpopular, in the case of American Dad it’s quite the opposite. It’s just nice to see this sort of article, very refreshing!

However, there are cases where a perfectly good show can be overlooked because it’s overshadowed. Generator Rex was written by the same person as Ben 10. Ben 10 has developed a monstrous following, while Generator Rex has been mostly ignored.

So let me know what you think of secondary shows. I always try to at least give them a go, and often I find a treasure trove of entertainment.


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