Anime in Real Life – You Can Own Your Own Dragon Balls


Many people know of the Dragon Ball Z anime, and it has developed a huge fan base over the years.

Within the title of the series is the goal the characters all strive for. The dragon balls are a set of seven crystal spheres which can summon a dragon, who will grant a wish.

Did you know, though, that there are animals called dragon balls?

There is a type of goldfish called a dragon ball, which may be an interesting pet for the avid Dragon Ball Z fan. Who knows, perhaps you could collect seven! It is a cross between the pearlscale and the telescope eye, giving it a rotund body shape and protruding eyes.

Dragon ball goldfish

This image courtesy of this youtube video


However, unfortunately these fish are pretty hard to get. Is it as difficult to get these as the ones from the show? Maybe you can take on this mission, and find out.

dragon ball dragon ball

Badly edited fish says “leave a comment”


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