The New Pokemon? Youkai Watch!


A new video game has been all the rage recently in Japan, and with the release of its anime version it has boomed. Stores everywhere in Japan have sold out of its related merchandise.

You’ve guessed correctly, it’s Youkai Watch!

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Youkai Watch is a game that focuses on a group of fun and collectible characters, just like Pokemon. Youkai are, however a type of traditional Japanese ghost. This is quite interesting, I love the original roots of these creatures in folklore and I also love to see the creative spins they put on all of them to make them more entertaining or modern. They give them distinct personalities despite the default that you might or might not already know.

Top 100 Pokémon

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For most western audiences, you may not know of youkai, but I recommend you give this show a try. They introduce the concept from scratch so that it’s easy to watch for most audiences.

In a similar fashion to Pokemon, it features several forms of purchasable (unless sold out) media. Video games, manga, anime, collectible tokens, playing cards, toys and more. With a multitude of devices to get people really immersed in Youkai Watch, there’s no wonder it’s spreading like wildfire.


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