The Tale of Princess Kaguya Review

Emotional movie

The Tale of Princess Kaguya is a beautiful, but tragic story. It depicts the life of a girl who appeared one day, out of a bamboo shoot, in the country. As she grows, she is taken to the city to live the life of a princess. However, that was not what she really wanted.

This is a movie is what I would call an example of simple beauty. The themes that it presents are powerful and clear. A tone that is compelling and rich with emotional turmoil.

I thought the artwork was perfectly suited to this style of film, complimenting it well with its free and playful nature. It also had a traditional tone to it, serving as a reminder of the story’s roots as a folktale. A picture truly can communicate more than words do.

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There was clearly a great deal of effort and thought put into this movie, I commend those at Ghibli for their work.

This certainly isn’t a movie to watch if you’re looking for something fun or happy. I’m certain you will shed a few tears, as I did. However it is a stunning work, which I would highly recommend.


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