The World God Only Knows Anime Review

God only knows

The World God Only Knows is an anime about a boy who is obsessed with dating simulation games, and is not interested in real girls. He can master any game and calls himself the “God of Conquest”. One day he receives a message asking for help, he accepts it only to discover that he just accepted a contract from a demon. She asks for his help in removing loose souls from the hearts of humans and to do this he has to win the hearts of real girls.

I honestly really enjoyed this anime. I found the storyline to be entertaining and refreshing. It never became monotonous, however I do believe that it could have done so if it had continued so I was actually glad when it ended despite my enjoyment of it. I found the characters to be fairly charming, especially the main character Keima, who actually attracted me to this series in the first place. There is nothing more fun than an “eccentric” main character!

Most of the other characters are fairly stereotypical, but this really fits with the theme of this show and makes it all the more enjoyable. However I do think that they should have given Elsie more of a developed personality or backstory, as I thought her intensely shallow level of personality clashed quite badly in combination with the rest of the stereotypical cast and dragged down the whole show a little (in my opinion).

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There is a second season of this show, The World God Only Knows II. They also have a third season, which hasn’t been dubbed at the time of this post, called The World God Only Knows: Goddess.

So, will I enjoy the next season? Well I guess God Only Knows!


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