Eon Kid Review


Eon Kid is based in a world that was once ruled by robots, however a long time ago a great hero used an item called the “Fist of Eon” to destroy their leader. Now the robots and humans have made peace, mostly, but the world is still in disarray. Some new villains are on the rise along with a new villainous plot. When Marty finds the Fist of Eon, as well as the task of saving his new friend Ally, he discovers his part to play in resolving this quickly building threat.

While the basic premise and storyline of this cartoon is fairly interesting and solid. I found that the problem I had with this show was the way in which it was presented. Not only was the animation amateurish in appearance and the voice acting lacking, but there were many moments added into the show that may have been designed for comic relief, but that I found were quite tedious. It may be okay for young children, however for the regular person, some of the humour is a bit dry.

One of the worst flaws I found was with the synchronization. The actor’s voices weren’t always even synchronised with the flaps. (Flaps are a way of referring to the mouth movements of the characters often used by those in the voice acting business.)

The characters were your average cookie cutter ones, I found. Although this is usually to be expected in a children’s cartoon, I still found it to be quite a shame.

I wouldn’t recommend this cartoon, it was mediocre at best.


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