Gosick Anime Review

Close to perfect

This is a truly stunning anime, with an intriguing, but tear jerking storyline (towards the end). It focuses on Kujo, who finds a girl called Victorique on the top floor of his school’s library. He befriends her, and then finds himself caught up in an array of different mysteries, from murder to theft. Victorique solves them, however, the most important mystery is the one that’s surrounded her all her life. Everything depends on Kujo, and if he can rescue her from her fate.

I really enjoyed watching this show, it’s a masterpiece. All of the mysteries serve a purpose within the overall plot. They work very well with humorous character traits, using it to distract and lessen the effects of the tragedy that weaves its way into the story. However, this does begin to stop as the series reaches its end, as with most shows with emotional crescendos. (Black Butler for example.)


This series has some really interesting characters, the main characters were very well developed and very likeable, both with extraordinarily detailed pasts. The side characters were all extremely quirky, although I thought that they didn’t spend quite enough time on some of them. Some of them became a bit confusing and hard to keep track of towards the end of the show. The last episode, however, resolved it all very well.

In conclusion, this is an extraordinarily well written show, which I recommend to anyone who doesn’t mind a bit of tragedy.


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