Naruto Shippuden First Reaction (before watching Naruto)

Naruto 1

When I was first starting to watch anime, I actually heard about Naruto Shippuden before I heard about Naruto. I decided to give it a try, completely unaware that it was a “Sequel Show”. What I remember from when I started on this show was feeling very confused about what was actually happening. I waited for what seemed like forever to see if I would work out what was going on, but I still had no clue so I gave up on it for the time being.

Later on I found out that I had only waited for three minutes before I gave up! I was an impatient kid, wasn’t I?

However, this goes to show that it is much better to watch Naruto Shippuden after watching Naruto.

(Also, it highlights the importance of researching shows before watching them!)


I later watched Naruto and proceeded to try Naruto Shippuden again. To find out what I thought of it, keeping checking this blog for updates.


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