Code Breaker Anime Review

Not as good as I hoped

This was a really interesting series, in the aspect that it followed along the same questions of morality that Code Geass and Death Note did. Basically they ask the question, “is it okay to kill criminals, and what does that make the person that kills the criminal.” The perspective of this show, however, is completely unlike the other two I mentioned in many key ways. The first of these being that it is a much lighter show in my opinion, and you see all this from the point of view of the “regular” girl in the centre of all the action.

The characters were all fairly well portrayed, they did a spectacularly good job of portraying Ogami in just the right way for a character in his position. I wanted to see much more of Yuuki’s backstory, because he was one of the most interesting ones. I was particularly impressed with Heike’s role, they completely threw me off with some pretty clever writing. I didn’t predict anything that this character did after the first major move he made.

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I wasn’t a fan, however, of the way Hitomi was portrayed. His speech and actions all seemed contradictory to those moments later, and all of the other characters just seemed to respond accordingly to his current persona. I didn’t feel that he was given an appropriate reasoning for this kind of erratic behaviour and it was irritating that the other characters went along with it. I also thought he looked an awful lot like Ogami, and was just waiting for that to come into play at some point, however it never did.

I enjoyed the action elements, and seeing all of their supernatural powers come into play, however.

So in general I did like this show, however there are some aspects that could have been markedly improved.

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