Gunslinger Stratos the Animation First Reaction


After a lot of research before watching this show, I found out that it has no relation to Gunslinger Girls or Infinite Stratos. This was very helpful for me, because I haven’t watched either of them, not yet at least.

I was really excited to watch this show, the image I saw beforehand looked… awesome to be frank. I was also really excited because it was based on a video game in the same way of Devil Survivor 2 the Animation was.

Yet I was a little disappointed with this series. The story all changed so quickly without giving you a chance to get to know and become invested in the characters.

I didn’t really like most of them, and the main character was far too bland. He was a shell of a main character!

The relationships between the characters were ones that have been blatantly overused in so many different shows already, that they’ve been beaten half to death!

For a show based around sci-fi and mystery, it was all far too clear.


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