When Supernatural Battles Become Commonplace Anime Review

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This anime is about the literature club, who all gain super powers. They don’t have many enemies, so they mostly end up trying to get to know their powers.

The plot was fascinating, it didn’t go quite the way I expected, but I mostly enjoyed it nevertheless.

They have a large main group of characters, with a varied range. There wasn’t really anything that stood out apart from Andou, though.

Watching all the characters progress was fairly interesting, although at some points it seemed a little off.

I loved all their references to chunnibyou sickness, or middle school sickness. The main character Andou had this and it made him eager to discover things that weren’t real. For a main character, this is a very refreshing trait. Far too often are main characters wearied by their powers, so to see a main character who’s actually grateful is remarkable. I also think his chuunibyou is quite relatable, for many people.

This was a show I couldn’t look away from. In my opinion, one of the signs of a great show is being able to marathon it, and this definitely fits in that category.

Not to say that this show doesn’t have flaws, the storyline isn’t perfect and in my opinion focuses too much on unrelated topics, and the other characters aren’t exactly an outstanding group, however I really enjoyed watching this anime. So I’d say give it a try if you think you’ll enjoy it.

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