Naruto Fan in a Japanese Restaurant

Naruto 1

So I went to an authentic Japanese restaurant a while back, and I actually saw that swirly white and pink thing in a picture of a particular meal on the menu. My immediate reaction was “That! I’ll get that! I saw it in Naruto!” Without even checking what else was in the meal. So they placed this metal pot on the table, and it was filled with noodles and soup and vegetables and on the very top was the prized swirly thing. Then they bring over a burner and set the pot upon it. Lastly they bring over an egg that they told us to add a bit later.  So I sat for a bit and waited for it to cook.

When the egg was added the whole pot began to overflow and the flames began licking at the sides of the pot, higher and higher. We were very frightened as we had not done this before and were not sure what to do. It ended up stopping and everything was okay, but it was interesting to see that they actually had a squirt bottle prepared for this specific purpose (they didn’t have to use it though).

Anyway, after the mishap we actually tried to eat the food. Firstly I grabbed the swirly thing and ate that. This is actually a processed fish cake and was delicious. After that was the incredibly difficult task of getting the noodles into the bowls. We had chopsticks and soup spoons but I still struggled. So we finally try these noodles and they are incredibly tasty. Simply scrumptious. I guess that sometimes, following anime blindly can lead you to wonderful things.

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Tsuritama Anime Review

fun anime

Tsuritama is an anime about fishing… and aliens… and friendship… and a whole range of other themes too numerous to count. This show is always enjoyable and usually easy to watch. It has a defined storyline, however I don’t want to spoil it for you!

This show is mostly quite light-hearted and cute, however the characters do have their own personal struggles and every so often there is a strongly meaningful, emotional moment to provoke feelings and thought.

Tsuritama reminds me somewhat of a Studio Ghibli film, but goofier. It does have a slightly similar tone to one, which isn’t really something I’ve noticed in any series before.

The characters in this show are very interesting. There is an alien, a fishing expert, an undercover secret agent investigating aliens and the main character with his own unique set of challenges. Already this mix makes for a very comedic situation, and this isn’t even counting the less prominent characters.

The way the show was executed kept it interesting and relevant throughout, with sufficient character development for what was mostly just a light hearted series and just enough fun moments to keep it consistently entertaining.

I loved the art style, personally. The simplicity of it paired with the bright and bold colour scheme really contributed to the atmosphere within the show.

I also have to give a quick mention to the opening theme of this show because I think it may be one of my favourites, and it sums up the show pretty well.

It really is a wonderfully light-hearted and interesting watch that I highly recommend.

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Types of Dere


Types of “dere”

The “dere” is a commonly used way to describe a particular Japanese character archetype in anime or other works. The kind of “dere” they are usually affects their interactions with the other characters. Some, such as Tsundere, are so common you will find one in almost every anime and some of these are much rarer.

I decided to compile a list of as many of these as I could find, with their correct definitions. I’m sure there are more, so feel free to comment and let me know so I can add them. References are listed below.


Tsundere                          Stuck-up on the outside, easily embarrassed and                                                                          sweet on the inside.

Kuudere                            Calm, composed, strict, businesslike, sometimes emotionless or                                                   fears showing emotions.

Dandere                            Quiet, antisocial, cute, shy.

Yandere                            Seemingly normal, actually crazy, violent, fearful, obsessed.

Deredere                           Sweet, energetic, what you see is what you get.

Himedere                          Expects to be treated like a princess.

Oujidere                            The male version of a himedere. Expects to be treated like a prince.

Kamidere                          Has a god complex, thinks that their own word is or should be law.

Mayadere                          An enemy who switches sides because of love but whose loyalties                                               are still uncertain.

Dorodere                           Sweet and loving on outside, psycho on inside.

Coodere                            Cold, but sweet.

Undere                              Agrees with everything to be more likeable.

Kanedere                          Cares about people for their money.

Bakadere                          Acts like an idiot in front of those they like.

Hinedere                          Someone who tries to degrade the image of someone they like. As                                              seen in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.




Edit: Added some new examples from the video by TheAnimeMan linked below.


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Iron Man Armoured Adventures Cartoon Review

Check it out

The way they have managed to tailor the Iron Man story to a teenage cast is quite impressive. It was almost entirely recreated, without loopholes or parts that don’t match up, while still retaining the majority of the standard Iron Man setting and situation.

The writers have seriously done a fantastic job and have obviously not been slacking on this well done retelling.

To be honest, I prefer this Iron Man to the regular one because I have always felt that he was a little too full of himself and things went his way too often. However with this character he shows a large array of good qualities and traits that make him, for the most part, very likeable. After all, for a character with such sheer power, you want him to be someone who truly understands what it means.

The other characters were, in my opinion, far more interesting than those you may already know. With their own lives and ambitions, despite the fact that they are still Tony’s friends and will stick by him when he needs them to.

The main plot and villain, the whole scenario with the ancient rings, is a theme that is in general somewhat overused. It wasn’t terrible, however it would have been nice to see a little more originality.

In general I greatly enjoyed this show and highly suggest that you give it a try.

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