Iron Man Armoured Adventures Cartoon Review

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The way they have managed to tailor the Iron Man story to a teenage cast is quite impressive. It was almost entirely recreated, without loopholes or parts that don’t match up, while still retaining the majority of the standard Iron Man setting and situation.

The writers have seriously done a fantastic job and have obviously not been slacking on this well done retelling.

To be honest, I prefer this Iron Man to the regular one because I have always felt that he was a little too full of himself and things went his way too often. However with this character he shows a large array of good qualities and traits that make him, for the most part, very likeable. After all, for a character with such sheer power, you want him to be someone who truly understands what it means.

The other characters were, in my opinion, far more interesting than those you may already know. With their own lives and ambitions, despite the fact that they are still Tony’s friends and will stick by him when he needs them to.

The main plot and villain, the whole scenario with the ancient rings, is a theme that is in general somewhat overused. It wasn’t terrible, however it would have been nice to see a little more originality.

In general I greatly enjoyed this show and highly suggest that you give it a try.

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