Naruto Fan in a Japanese Restaurant

Naruto 1

So I went to an authentic Japanese restaurant a while back, and I actually saw that swirly white and pink thing in a picture of a particular meal on the menu. My immediate reaction was “That! I’ll get that! I saw it in Naruto!” Without even checking what else was in the meal. So they placed this metal pot on the table, and it was filled with noodles and soup and vegetables and on the very top was the prized swirly thing. Then they bring over a burner and set the pot upon it. Lastly they bring over an egg that they told us to add a bit later.  So I sat for a bit and waited for it to cook.

When the egg was added the whole pot began to overflow and the flames began licking at the sides of the pot, higher and higher. We were very frightened as we had not done this before and were not sure what to do. It ended up stopping and everything was okay, but it was interesting to see that they actually had a squirt bottle prepared for this specific purpose (they didn’t have to use it though).

Anyway, after the mishap we actually tried to eat the food. Firstly I grabbed the swirly thing and ate that. This is actually a processed fish cake and was delicious. After that was the incredibly difficult task of getting the noodles into the bowls. We had chopsticks and soup spoons but I still struggled. So we finally try these noodles and they are incredibly tasty. Simply scrumptious. I guess that sometimes, following anime blindly can lead you to wonderful things.

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