Tsuritama Anime Review

fun anime

Tsuritama is an anime about fishing… and aliens… and friendship… and a whole range of other themes too numerous to count. This show is always enjoyable and usually easy to watch. It has a defined storyline, however I don’t want to spoil it for you!

This show is mostly quite light-hearted and cute, however the characters do have their own personal struggles and every so often there is a strongly meaningful, emotional moment to provoke feelings and thought.

Tsuritama reminds me somewhat of a Studio Ghibli film, but goofier. It does have a slightly similar tone to one, which isn’t really something I’ve noticed in any series before.

The characters in this show are very interesting. There is an alien, a fishing expert, an undercover secret agent investigating aliens and the main character with his own unique set of challenges. Already this mix makes for a very comedic situation, and this isn’t even counting the less prominent characters.

The way the show was executed kept it interesting and relevant throughout, with sufficient character development for what was mostly just a light hearted series and just enough fun moments to keep it consistently entertaining.

I loved the art style, personally. The simplicity of it paired with the bright and bold colour scheme really contributed to the atmosphere within the show.

I also have to give a quick mention to the opening theme of this show because I think it may be one of my favourites, and it sums up the show pretty well.

It really is a wonderfully light-hearted and interesting watch that I highly recommend.

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