Types of Dere


Types of “dere”

The “dere” is a commonly used way to describe a particular Japanese character archetype in anime or other works. The kind of “dere” they are usually affects their interactions with the other characters. Some, such as Tsundere, are so common you will find one in almost every anime and some of these are much rarer.

I decided to compile a list of as many of these as I could find, with their correct definitions. I’m sure there are more, so feel free to comment and let me know so I can add them. References are listed below.


Tsundere                          Stuck-up on the outside, easily embarrassed and                                                                          sweet on the inside.

Kuudere                            Calm, composed, strict, businesslike, sometimes emotionless or                                                   fears showing emotions.

Dandere                            Quiet, antisocial, cute, shy.

Yandere                            Seemingly normal, actually crazy, violent, fearful, obsessed.

Deredere                           Sweet, energetic, what you see is what you get.

Himedere                          Expects to be treated like a princess.

Oujidere                            The male version of a himedere. Expects to be treated like a prince.

Kamidere                          Has a god complex, thinks that their own word is or should be law.

Mayadere                          An enemy who switches sides because of love but whose loyalties                                               are still uncertain.

Dorodere                           Sweet and loving on outside, psycho on inside.

Coodere                            Cold, but sweet.

Undere                              Agrees with everything to be more likeable.

Kanedere                          Cares about people for their money.

Bakadere                          Acts like an idiot in front of those they like.

Hinedere                          Someone who tries to degrade the image of someone they like. As                                              seen in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.






Edit: Added some new examples from the video by TheAnimeMan linked below.


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