Minor Annoyances in Manga Collecting



I just finished the entire Darker than Black manga, which I assumed was what the anime was an adaptation of, only to find out that this was written after the anime’s completion and did not follow the same story. I haven’t seen the anime, so that was kind of annoying and probably explains why the story got a bit hard to follow towards the end. Grrr! I should’ve checked before reading.

I’m one of those people who love collecting, reading and watching things in sequential order. When I started collecting manga, it was easy to imagine lining up an entire manga series neatly on a shelf. But currently I don’t own a single manga series that isn’t incomplete or out of order.

I used to think nothing was more irritating then then owning a series out of order, but now I’ve come to accept that I will always own stray volumes that I can’t read yet due to other missing volumes. This always happens when I try to buy it cheaply.

I guess it’s just my curse as an otaku and collector. (With a limited budget.)


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