Restaurant to Another World Anime Review

Restaurant to Another World has managed to capture a charming everyday feel within a most abnormal setting. Boiling the fantastical genre down to simple interactions between people. (Or mystical creatures) It has a charming atmosphere but I can imagine it becoming dull if given a longer run, if not for the ingenious and creative writing that’s been used to keep the story fresh at every moment so far.

With the recent growth of “food porn” shows it’s not at all surprising to see another one pop up, however it isn’t the food that makes Restaurant to Another World special. It is appealing as a celebration of the simple and mundane. It’s quite a beautiful concept.

When it comes to the food itself I can appreciate good cooking but the way this show presents it is not really my cup of tea, and honestly I sometimes find the customer’s inner monologues of the food to be drawn out and ridiculous.

It is quite relaxing to watch, but perhaps not ideal to marathon given the slow pace and lack of action or overarching plot. It’s more of a collection of short stories with a shared theme rather than an ongoing story. The juxtaposition of fantastical characters taking so much pleasure in everyday things is what really makes it so charming.

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The characters are surprisingly well fleshed out in a gradual but masterful way. It’s easy to feel for them, after hearing their backstories and listening to them argue with each other over simple things. Restaurant to Another World presents a clear message that food can bring people together, and there is something wonderfully sentimental about that.

So far this anime has done an amazing job with world building, and has created a fantasy world so broad and yet so distinctive that given more time it could really come into its own.

I think that this anime is superbly written, but may be destined for a small niche audience when it deserves to be more widely known.

I would recommend Restaurant to Another World to anyone who is happy to watch an anime with a slower story and a little less action, and hope to see a second season soon.

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