The Royal Tutor Anime Review

The royal tutor is a fun show, but I would say that it’s missing some substance.

Opening with what I’m certain is a reference to Ouran High School Host Club, It definitely left a good first impression. It had some fairly interesting characters, all of the princes had their own unique and worthwhile character traits. The tutor Heine was amusing to watch, although rather gimmicky.

The Royal Tutor took it’s time developing these characters to make the audience connect with them and root for them. This was done in a way that both covered their weaknesses and bolstered their strengths. It was enjoyable to watch the unpleasant facades they originally created for themselves, melt away over the course of the show. Heine himself was the only main character that saw little development, and ended up becoming one of the shallowest characters in his own show.

Image courtesy of Funimation

I think more effort could still have been put into the characterizations of the princes, as a story solely about their development as people would certainly be worthwhile. Especially as they were the highlight of the show.

The story was rather weak, perhaps because so much time was spent developing the princes as characters that no real effort was given to the story. An interesting concept was introduced, but which fell flat in a mere few episodes. Perhaps if it had been developed slowly rather than wrapped up in twelve episodes, it could have been a fascinating and nuanced story. Pertaining to the dangers facing these developing princes as they grow closer to the throne. It was however as cliché as they come towards the end. Several loose ends were unsolved and the ending was unsatisfying. Revealing Heine’s past took all of the mystery out of the situation and left the story bland.

The Royal Tutor is a bit of fun, but missed its chance to build a really interesting story and instead settled for an ending full of boring tropes. It seems to continuously fall into mundanity, a disappointing state for a show dripping with potential.

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