An analysis of poor humour. RE: Response to SuperButterBuns – Aigis is best girl

Within a previous post I identified a joke so bad it could barely be classified as a joke, by sidestepping the issue and focusing on the merits of the original text. Perhaps I lacked clarity in my argument. However today I will justify my case for this. I simply think that to publish this piece is an homage to lazy writing. I’m not always perfect by these standards either, but that is no reason to be quiet.
I often enjoy shows with crass humour, or cheap jokes, such as Family Guy or South Park. However the difference between this and the aforementioned case is that Family Guy and South Park throw a multitude of different jokes against a wall in each and every episode to see what sticks. This was a single, rather long video based on a single lazy joke. Often these also shows include some sort of wit or commentary within some of their jokes, along a number of easy one-liners for entertainment value, creating an all-rounded experience. None of this was included within the aforementioned piece.

Here is my original piece on the matter:

Response to SuperButterBuns – Aigis is Best Girl

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