Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Anime Review

This show is really just fan service galore. Fan service of every kind. If that’s your thing I’d recommend Dragon Maid because at least it does it well. Dragon Maid is a comedic series with elements of fantasy and romance, but mainly just serves as a really kooky slice of life. It is bringing fantasy creatures down to a human level in a similar way to Restaurant to Another World. I think that Restaurant to Another World did this better, but had a very different types of atmosphere and fan service.

Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid was fun to watch. There is nothing remotely intellectual or intriguing about it, but it doesn’t need to be that. It’s very upfront with what it gives the audience, which is laughs and eye candy. So I would recommend it to those who want a light watch with little to overthink.

Rather than a concise story the show seems to take various snippets from the everyday lives of each of the characters to give a more general view of the characters and world. This worked rather well and fit pleasantly with the casual atmosphere. It also has many surprising references to the life of an otaku, as a fun self-referential element thrown into the mix.

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The characters aren’t particularly special, but they stand out because they are taken to the extremes of their own respective tropes. It fits surprisingly well with the crazy world that’s been set up around them.  Despite this each viewer will likely find a character that they particularly enjoy watching or that resonates with them in some way.

I can see why this series has been so popular, despite having little depth. It is because it goes out of its way to connect with viewers by showcasing a wide variety of extreme personalities and ludicrous events in order to create a story that is still in the end quite charming and down to earth.

I would highly recommend watching this series with subtitles, because the dubbing for this show happens to be rather unfaithful to the source material. Although on its own not the worst dub out there, the changes made from the source material sours the experience tremendously.

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