One Week Friends Anime Review

Yuuki has always wanted to befriend a particular girl in his class, but she doesn’t seem to make friends with anybody. Little does he know that it’s the result of great misfortune on her part, and that if he tries it will open up both of their worlds.
Kaori forgets her friends at the conclusion of each school week, so she has been afraid to make friends for a long time. When Yuuki asks to be her friend however, she can’t seem to turn him down like the others, after some persistence on his part.
This is quite a sweet and cute show, however it doesn’t contain many themes besides the everyday life and romance themes. I am glad there wasn’t too much drama, the whole plot seemed like a drama magnet (and I’m personally not much of a drama fan).

Image courtesy of Right Stuf Anime

The characters were fairly stereotypical and a little bland for my liking, a large quantity of their personalities also seemed to hinge on their relation to other main cast members.
The storyline and base idea are, once again, pretty stereotypical. It isn’t too much of a bother in this kind of series, though.
This isn’t a show that will really make you think, but it is still a fairly nice little feel good show and in my opinion a well done romance series.
If you want a simple romance, this is the anime to watch.

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