Recovery of an MMO Junkie First Impressions

These are my first impressions after watching the first episode of Recovery of an MMO Junkie.

I expected something generic and overdone from this show, but I never would have expected it to be so boring! There was no excitement in this show for me. At least sword art online in all its poorly written mush had some exciting fight scenes and energetic music. I just found nothing appealing about this show. As a slice of life it fails to capture my attention and as an exploration of an MMO world it’s just as dull. Most of the time the characters were just sitting around looking at scenery! Do people really do that in MMO’s? They may as well be browsing google images while on a webchat!

The characters are also far too idiotic. The protagonist can’t even grasp the basic logic of the tutorial! She just runs straight to the boss and dies over and over until she gets help. It’s like the Cuphead video all over again*.

So far we are given no reason at all to feel anything for any of the characters, making them bland and boring to watch.

The only reason I would consider continuing to watch would be to see more of Yuuta Sakurai/Lily. This is because I thought that he was the only interesting part of the show and I want to learn more about his motives, backstory and life.

I most likely will not continue watching this show unless I hear news about anything interesting happening in it. I was honestly a little shocked that this show was produced by a large studio with a decent budget. This is because apart from clean, crisp, standard level art the show feels amateurish and thrown together.


*when I refer to the Cuphead video I’m talking about a humourous incident where a video game journalist can’t even get past an obvious tutorial stage in the game Cuphead. Links below. (I did not create and do not own these videos.)

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