Response to SuperButterBuns – Aigis is Best Girl

This video makes fun of Aigis fans. Comparing a Humanoid robot containing and advanced AI that thinks and feels to a toaster.
This proves to me that SuperButterBuns is either making a really bad joke, or never really understood the character of Aigis in the first place. If it is the former ignore everything I’m about to say.
Aigis is a focus of Persona 3, a game about accepting death, as an ironic juxtaposition. She was never really alive but at the same time is attempting to embrace life the way that humans do. She thinks and feels and yearns to simulate that human experience.
And how could a robot possibly understand humanity enough to protect it, if it didn’t possess the qualities of a human as well.
I don’t know if Aigis is best girl, having not played Persona 3 FES yet and not having experienced her full character growth. However I can say for certain that Aigis is not simply a toaster.


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