My Thoughts on the Justice League Movie Trailers


First, I’ll tackle the comic-con trailer. It starts off well, it looks rather exciting. However this falls apart when the trailer itself points out the massive gaping holes in the team, the lack of Green Lanterns for example. (Also without any mention of Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl and Hawkman.) It contains a moment mocking the original cheesy batman comics, while attempting to act all serious, dark and pouty. When honestly I’d much prefer the concept of a full on cheesy Justice League movie, a little more in the vein of the old Adam West series. From what I can see, either the script written for the Flash, or the actor who plays him are doing something horribly wrong. They are trying to make Flash the funny-man (It has been done well before). However instead of using witty situational humour to lighten the tone he uses self-deprecating humour, making one of the most powerful and integral superheroes in the DC universe seem like nothing but a useless wimp. Unfortunately I didn’t find him funny at all, instead he’s just kind of pathetic. The introduction of Cyborg was intriguing, but the video didn’t display enough to gain any real sense of what the movie is going to do with his character. Also I’m not sure why DC is so desperate to make Aquaman cool, because I honestly don’t believe that it’s ever going to happen.

Regardless to say, after seeing the Comic-con trailer I was not excited at all. However I then watched the first official trailer, and suffice to say it left a completely different impression.

To begin with the atmosphere in this trailer is completely different than the last, leaving an air of undeniable excitement and mystery. The reveal of the bad guy, shrouded in shadow. I needed to rewind and watch it again to properly see his face, but I did so with gusto! After this it switches to a generally more fun and upbeat tone, a welcome direction for it to go. I much preferred the way this trailer chose to reveal the other superheroes, although I’m still waiting for Cyborg to say “Boo-Yah!”. And the Joke at 1:37 was perhaps my favourite self-referential joke ever. I literally laughed out loud. This enjoyable tone continues all the way to the end, and I have to say that THIS trailer actually got me excited for this movie

So in conclusion, I have mixed feelings about this movie. However if it’s half as good as the last trailer I just watched I may give it a shot. I’d love to know what you thought about it, so let me know in the comments.

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