Sakura Quest Anime Review

This anime appears to be participating in a trend which I have noticed throughout the past few seasons, which is a heavy dose of realism. In this case an unlikely situation within an ultra-down to earth setting. This is perhaps a natural bounce-back from the former oversaturation of tropey, out of this world anime. An idea inspired by Gigguk in his video “Isekai: the genre that took over anime” (Linked Below).

This new trend towards realism and realistic themes is not generally something I’ve seen a lot of up until recently outside of the Slice of life genre. Although I would certainly say that many other series from recent seasons do it better and have more interesting ideas behind them.

In terms of atmosphere, there is an overwhelming air of positivity and life that builds up slowly throughout the series, making it an uplifting and cheering experience. Of course it is not the best of the bunch in this respect but it does a fairly suitable job.

Unlike many shows today, Sakura Quest seems to have a sense of subtlety in its directing and pace.


I was a little surprised to find out how old these characters were, because most of the main female characters do not appear to be designed to look older than young teens (with the exception of Sanae), and yet are rather more mature than your average anime cast. Altogether I find it refreshing to see an anime focusing on the lives of adults, however I would find it a little more absorbing if they looked the part.

Sakura Quest in particular excels at character development, slowly building characters up, so that the viewer suddenly has a greater understanding of who they are. With a lot of realistic themes to do with growing older and living in a changing world, there is a charm to this snapshot of life in Manoyama.

At the same time, I feel that there is not much merit to this series being animated, and that it would be no different at all if it as just another live action show. Most animated series use the medium to their advantage to tell a unique story, which this show does not do. However this also means that this is one of the few anime that could have a live action adaptation that was not forced.

This show may be unusual within its genre, but this is not enough to give it any real legs amongst the many other shows available. Although I do still recommend it, because despite everything, it’s still a touching story that will resonate with many people. Honestly it grew on me heavily as I continued to watch it, and I would recommend that this is one you do not miss.




Here I’ve linked the video that I referenced above, all about the spread of the Isekai genre.

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