One Piece – The flaw in Sanji and Kuroobi’s fight

One Piece

In episode 40 you see Sanji fight Kuroobi the fish man underwater. Sanji defeats Kuroobi by blowing air directly into his gills and suffocating him. However fish actually breathe by taking water in through their mouths and expelling it through their gills. So in order for Sanji’s plan to work he would have had to blow the air into his mouth and thusly force it through Kuroobi’s gills. Air being blown directly into a fish’s gills would probably still not be very healthy for it, but I think it would just be mildly irritating and the air would most likely be expelled almost immediately as the fish continues to breathe. I highly doubt that it would have caused enough damage for Sanji to gain the upper hand.


I am an avid aquarist who has kept fish since I was 11, so when I saw this scene I immediately knew that something was wrong. I did some research to make absolutely sure that I was right, however if you do see a flaw in my logic or facts please let me know!

I know that this show has fantasy elements and shouldn’t always be taken too seriously, but I just thought I should let you guys know.

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Anime in Real Life – You Can Own Your Own Dragon Balls


Many people know of the Dragon Ball Z anime, and it has developed a huge fan base over the years.

Within the title of the series is the goal the characters all strive for. The dragon balls are a set of seven crystal spheres which can summon a dragon, who will grant a wish.

Did you know, though, that there are animals called dragon balls?

There is a type of goldfish called a dragon ball, which may be an interesting pet for the avid Dragon Ball Z fan. Who knows, perhaps you could collect seven! It is a cross between the pearlscale and the telescope eye, giving it a rotund body shape and protruding eyes.

Dragon ball goldfish

This image courtesy of this youtube video


However, unfortunately these fish are pretty hard to get. Is it as difficult to get these as the ones from the show? Maybe you can take on this mission, and find out.

dragon ball dragon ball

Badly edited fish says “leave a comment”


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Real Life Anime Character – Kohina from Gugure! Kokkuri san


Kohina Ichimatsu is a character from Gugure! Kokkuri san who at a very young age lives alone, and survives on nothing but instant ramen noodles. She can also see spirits and believes she is a doll, but that’s beside the point.

I found out that there is a woman called Georgi Readman who only eats chicken flavoured ramen noodles.

She started eating them when she was five, and since then hasn’t eaten anything else.

Not only this, but they actually look really similar. See for yourself!

Side by side

As you can see, Kohina is just like a younger version of Georgi

I’ve actually been wondering if Kohina’s character was based on Georgi. But I did a little checking, and according to AnimeNewsNetwork the manga was first released in June of 2011, while the news articles were released in April 2013. Spooky, isn’t it?

gugure_kokkuri_san-01-kohina-ramen-eating-chibi-looking_upeats-noodles (


Please comment to let me know your thoughts.


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