Recovery of an MMO Junkie First Impressions

These are my first impressions after watching the first episode of Recovery of an MMO Junkie.

I expected something generic and overdone from this show, but I never would have expected it to be so boring! There was no excitement in this show for me. At least sword art online in all its poorly written mush had some exciting fight scenes and energetic music. I just found nothing appealing about this show. As a slice of life it fails to capture my attention and as an exploration of an MMO world it’s just as dull. Most of the time the characters were just sitting around looking at scenery! Do people really do that in MMO’s? They may as well be browsing google images while on a webchat!

The characters are also far too idiotic. The protagonist can’t even grasp the basic logic of the tutorial! She just runs straight to the boss and dies over and over until she gets help. It’s like the Cuphead video all over again*.

So far we are given no reason at all to feel anything for any of the characters, making them bland and boring to watch.

The only reason I would consider continuing to watch would be to see more of Yuuta Sakurai/Lily. This is because I thought that he was the only interesting part of the show and I want to learn more about his motives, backstory and life.

I most likely will not continue watching this show unless I hear news about anything interesting happening in it. I was honestly a little shocked that this show was produced by a large studio with a decent budget. This is because apart from clean, crisp, standard level art the show feels amateurish and thrown together.


*when I refer to the Cuphead video I’m talking about a humourous incident where a video game journalist can’t even get past an obvious tutorial stage in the game Cuphead. Links below. (I did not create and do not own these videos.)

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Gunslinger Stratos the Animation First Reaction


After a lot of research before watching this show, I found out that it has no relation to Gunslinger Girls or Infinite Stratos. This was very helpful for me, because I haven’t watched either of them, not yet at least.

I was really excited to watch this show, the image I saw beforehand looked… awesome to be frank. I was also really excited because it was based on a video game in the same way of Devil Survivor 2 the Animation was.

Yet I was a little disappointed with this series. The story all changed so quickly without giving you a chance to get to know and become invested in the characters.

I didn’t really like most of them, and the main character was far too bland. He was a shell of a main character!

The relationships between the characters were ones that have been blatantly overused in so many different shows already, that they’ve been beaten half to death!

For a show based around sci-fi and mystery, it was all far too clear.


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The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki – Chan First Reaction

HS good copy

Yuki Nagato really did disappear!

The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki – Chan is a spinoff of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, which is a spinoff of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

This was simply a miracle, in my review of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya I mentioned that I wished that they would’ve spent more time focusing on Nagato. Well, I found this and was really pleased.

After watching, I did really enjoy it, however I am a little disappointed by how far from the original Yuki the main character was. They were a different person completely.

The art style was also drastically different, which didn’t bother me much.

However, I still thought the story and characters were really well written and fun to watch despite deviations from the original.

I look forward to seeing the rest of this show.

A lot of reviewers have mentioned that they were disappointed with the “boring” slice of life appearance of this show, however I predict that supernatural elements will turn up at some point. I just can’t believe that it will stay the way it is.

To me it feels like the writer has been trying to make it seem like an overly normal slice of life for a reason. If the supernatural elements appear as I think they will, my extremely high opinion of this show will climb even higher. If not I’ll be somewhat disappointed.

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Naruto Shippuden First Reaction (After watching Naruto)

Naruto 1

I quite enjoyed seeing the basic direction of this show.

I liked the way the characters had progressed and especially the way Naruto was still the same person (albeit slightly more mature). I would have been really disappointed if they had radically changed his character.

However I felt that the progression of the actual storyline was much too slow. I still don’t understand how the scene at the very beginning fits into the current timeline. While it will probably be explained later, it was still fairly off-putting.

Despite this I will probably continue to watch Naruto Shippuden.


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Naruto Shippuden First Reaction (before watching Naruto)

Naruto 1

When I was first starting to watch anime, I actually heard about Naruto Shippuden before I heard about Naruto. I decided to give it a try, completely unaware that it was a “Sequel Show”. What I remember from when I started on this show was feeling very confused about what was actually happening. I waited for what seemed like forever to see if I would work out what was going on, but I still had no clue so I gave up on it for the time being.

Later on I found out that I had only waited for three minutes before I gave up! I was an impatient kid, wasn’t I?

However, this goes to show that it is much better to watch Naruto Shippuden after watching Naruto.

(Also, it highlights the importance of researching shows before watching them!)


I later watched Naruto and proceeded to try Naruto Shippuden again. To find out what I thought of it, keeping checking this blog for updates.


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Adventure Time First Reaction

Adventure time 2

I’ve heard a lot about how weird the Adventure Time cartoon is, but I had never actually watched it…

Well now I have. Let’s chat about it.

I certainly can’t deny that this show is weird. It is strange and random, and to be honest I wouldn’t want to marathon it. However it isn’t quite as odd as I expected, and it certainly is fun.

The characters may be visually unique, although to be completely honest I don’t think that they have personalities specific to this particular show. It certainly isn’t something to criticize though. I think that in this case, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! It fits especially well for a show of this style.

To me it seems reminiscent of a cartoon made with paint (the program). Lots of very bright colours and overly defined shapes, and yet this still retains a professional polish and a well-defined script. I guess that would explain how it has so easily captured the attention of so many people.

Adventure Time - House Poster (145)

Courtesy of


Adventure Time has an indistinct plotline. Every episode is based around an imaginative and spontaneous idea. This is my favourite aspect of it. I’m a huge fan of shows that do this, especially those that can do it successfully. With this kind of series it can be hit and miss. I’d consider it a hit.

It isn’t really my cup of tea, but I both understand and respect what has been created.


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One Piece First Reaction

One Piece

One Piece is probably one of the most popular anime that I’ve heard of, so of course I decided that I would eventually have to start watching it. Anyway, my original impression was that it is a fairly good show, but it moved incredibly slowly and I thought that it contained far too many unnecessary emotional moments for a shounen anime. In my opinion, shounen anime should have a more limited number of quite striking emotional moments, or else they lose their effect and become tiresome.


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Naruto First Reaction

Naruto 1

Naruto is quite an enjoyable show, but it is very slow at the start. It begins on a fairly light and humorous level. I really loved the way in which they introduced his backstory at first, and actually showed a short clip from his past before smoothly transitioning to his life in the present. However its age really shows, and it certainly isn’t the best series I have seen so far. Naruto takes quite a number of episodes to show its true colours as what its fans know and love. Unfortunately however, this takes quite a bit of patience to wade through.

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