Naruto Fan in a Japanese Restaurant

Naruto 1

So I went to an authentic Japanese restaurant a while back, and I actually saw that swirly white and pink thing in a picture of a particular meal on the menu. My immediate reaction was “That! I’ll get that! I saw it in Naruto!” Without even checking what else was in the meal. So they placed this metal pot on the table, and it was filled with noodles and soup and vegetables and on the very top was the prized swirly thing. Then they bring over a burner and set the pot upon it. Lastly they bring over an egg that they told us to add a bit later.  So I sat for a bit and waited for it to cook.

When the egg was added the whole pot began to overflow and the flames began licking at the sides of the pot, higher and higher. We were very frightened as we had not done this before and were not sure what to do. It ended up stopping and everything was okay, but it was interesting to see that they actually had a squirt bottle prepared for this specific purpose (they didn’t have to use it though).

Anyway, after the mishap we actually tried to eat the food. Firstly I grabbed the swirly thing and ate that. This is actually a processed fish cake and was delicious. After that was the incredibly difficult task of getting the noodles into the bowls. We had chopsticks and soup spoons but I still struggled. So we finally try these noodles and they are incredibly tasty. Simply scrumptious. I guess that sometimes, following anime blindly can lead you to wonderful things.

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Types of Dere


Types of “dere”

The “dere” is a commonly used way to describe a particular Japanese character archetype in anime or other works. The kind of “dere” they are usually affects their interactions with the other characters. Some, such as Tsundere, are so common you will find one in almost every anime and some of these are much rarer.

I decided to compile a list of as many of these as I could find, with their correct definitions. I’m sure there are more, so feel free to comment and let me know so I can add them. References are listed below.


Tsundere                          Stuck-up on the outside, easily embarrassed and                                                                          sweet on the inside.

Kuudere                            Calm, composed, strict, businesslike, sometimes emotionless or                                                   fears showing emotions.

Dandere                            Quiet, antisocial, cute, shy.

Yandere                            Seemingly normal, actually crazy, violent, fearful, obsessed.

Deredere                           Sweet, energetic, what you see is what you get.

Himedere                          Expects to be treated like a princess.

Oujidere                            The male version of a himedere. Expects to be treated like a prince.

Kamidere                          Has a god complex, thinks that their own word is or should be law.

Mayadere                          An enemy who switches sides because of love but whose loyalties                                               are still uncertain.

Dorodere                           Sweet and loving on outside, psycho on inside.

Coodere                            Cold, but sweet.

Undere                              Agrees with everything to be more likeable.

Kanedere                          Cares about people for their money.

Bakadere                          Acts like an idiot in front of those they like.

Hinedere                          Someone who tries to degrade the image of someone they like. As                                              seen in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.




Edit: Added some new examples from the video by TheAnimeMan linked below.


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One Piece – The flaw in Sanji and Kuroobi’s fight

One Piece

In episode 40 you see Sanji fight Kuroobi the fish man underwater. Sanji defeats Kuroobi by blowing air directly into his gills and suffocating him. However fish actually breathe by taking water in through their mouths and expelling it through their gills. So in order for Sanji’s plan to work he would have had to blow the air into his mouth and thusly force it through Kuroobi’s gills. Air being blown directly into a fish’s gills would probably still not be very healthy for it, but I think it would just be mildly irritating and the air would most likely be expelled almost immediately as the fish continues to breathe. I highly doubt that it would have caused enough damage for Sanji to gain the upper hand.


I am an avid aquarist who has kept fish since I was 11, so when I saw this scene I immediately knew that something was wrong. I did some research to make absolutely sure that I was right, however if you do see a flaw in my logic or facts please let me know!

I know that this show has fantasy elements and shouldn’t always be taken too seriously, but I just thought I should let you guys know.

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American Dad is better than Family Guy?

Check it out

An article has appeared on whatculture that states ten reasons as to why they think American Dad is better than Family Guy. Their arguments are quite interesting, Click here to see it.

I’m glad to see this, honestly. I think it’s a shame when a writer’s most popular show overshadows the others they create. Often they’re of equal quality, and yet a large number of people remain ignorant of them due to the fact they aren’t as widespread as the big hits.

20th Century Fox Television

Image Courtesy of

Now this isn’t necessarily to say that they are unpopular, in the case of American Dad it’s quite the opposite. It’s just nice to see this sort of article, very refreshing!

However, there are cases where a perfectly good show can be overlooked because it’s overshadowed. Generator Rex was written by the same person as Ben 10. Ben 10 has developed a monstrous following, while Generator Rex has been mostly ignored.

So let me know what you think of secondary shows. I always try to at least give them a go, and often I find a treasure trove of entertainment.


Please comment to let me know your thoughts.

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The New Pokemon? Youkai Watch!


A new video game has been all the rage recently in Japan, and with the release of its anime version it has boomed. Stores everywhere in Japan have sold out of its related merchandise.

You’ve guessed correctly, it’s Youkai Watch!

Youkai Watch. Image courtesy of

Youkai Watch is a game that focuses on a group of fun and collectible characters, just like Pokemon. Youkai are, however a type of traditional Japanese ghost. This is quite interesting, I love the original roots of these creatures in folklore and I also love to see the creative spins they put on all of them to make them more entertaining or modern. They give them distinct personalities despite the default that you might or might not already know.

Top 100 Pokémon

Pokemon. Image courtesy of

For most western audiences, you may not know of youkai, but I recommend you give this show a try. They introduce the concept from scratch so that it’s easy to watch for most audiences.

In a similar fashion to Pokemon, it features several forms of purchasable (unless sold out) media. Video games, manga, anime, collectible tokens, playing cards, toys and more. With a multitude of devices to get people really immersed in Youkai Watch, there’s no wonder it’s spreading like wildfire.


Please comment to let me know your thoughts.

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Recasting the Simpsons as anime characters

Simpsons GC

Earlier, when commenting on the Simpsons anime reference in the Treehouse of Horror episode XXV, I mentioned that I would write up a post on how I would have recast them, so here it is.

Okay, so I decided to try casting the Simpsons as anime characters by both appearance and personality. I also had to choose characters from fairly major anime that can be easily recognised by the majority of people and I had to try and avoid doubling up as much as I could.

To be honest, having Bart as Naruto works very well, I wouldn’t change this.

I haven’t seen Attack on Titan yet, so I don’t know if Lisa was well placed. I would cast her as either Rukia from Bleach, or Maka from Soul Eater.

Maggie, I would have imagined as little Ponyo (in human form) or Koenma from Yu Yu Hakushou.

Santa’s Little Helper would be Akamaru from Naruto!

Homer and Marge would probably be well placed as Captain Kyoraku and Lieutenant Nanao. (Both from Bleach).

If you wanted to cast them as characters from separate shows, however, you could cast Marge as Nami from One Piece.

Lastly I think Homer Simpson could easily pull off Iskandar from Fate/Zero or Inspector Megure from Case Closed (Detective Conan).

What do you think? Do you agree with my choices and if not how would you place these characters?


I’d love to hear your thoughts, so comment below.

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The Simpsons anime reference – treehouse of horror XXV

Simpsons GC

So in this episode, I was so surprised to see this! I found it very enjoyable to see a major western cartoon tipping their hat to anime. Automatically I recognised that Bart was Naruto (from Naruto), Homer was Zorro (from One Piece), and Marge was Rangiku (from Bleach). I also knew that Maggie was a Pokemon, and while I actually have never seen this show I knew she was Pikachu because I used to know a lot of Pokemon fans. I didn’t, however, recognise Lisa or Santa’s Little Helper. I checked and found out that Lisa was Mikasa (from Attack on Titan) and Santa’s Little Helper was Haku (from Spirited Away). I was a little surprised that Attack on Titan was a part of this because I have never considered them as being for similar audiences. I probably should have recognised Haku, but I saw Spirited Away when I was 9 and was a little traumatised so I’m not really surprised that I didn’t.

While Bart matches Naruto quite well in both appearance and personality, Homer is nothing like Zorro and Marge is nothing like Rangiku. The tricky thing for them however is to also choose instantly recognisable characters for most of the general populous, especially for Homer, as his character doesn’t really fit the Japanese style.

To find out how I would recast these characters, keep checking for my post!


Please comment to let me know your thoughts.

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Family Guy – The Peter Griffin Impersonator


Has anyone seen the Peter Griffin Impersonator? When I first spotted this video I was in awe. I thought it would be pretty cool to be able to talk to a lifelike version of Peter Griffin. However, to be honest after watching the video I was less than impressed. The impersonator may have had the right look, but the voice felt off to me and he didn’t respond to questions about his life on the show naturally. It definitely felt to me like it was someone who had read summaries of the show and characters beforehand as supposed to answers that would be true to the character or even a fan.

However I do like the bit where he talks about opening toys, I really enjoyed that.

It is still interesting and worth watching though, so if you’re a fan of Family Guy, I recommend that you check it out.

Below are some of the videos I saw. Have a watch!


Please comment to let me know your thoughts.

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The Ultimate Battle in Bleach (Pre-Timeskip) (Spoilers)

Espada sky

(Note: This post excludes all fights after the timeskip, as I have not watched them. This post also has spoilers.)

The ultimate fight, in most cases, is both the greatest and the last. However in this case Ichigo’s battle with Aisen was not really his last battle, and in my opinion it was certainly not his greatest! It was the battle between Tensa Zangetsu and Aisen. Due to the fact that the final getsuga tenchou was Ichigo turning into another person, a power that was very suddenly introduced as the final battle was fast encroaching, this was not truly his battle. This was a battle which was solved with a near miraculous stroke of luck, a Deus ex Machina.

Ichigo admits himself that he is never a match for Tensa Zangetsu and that there is too great a difference between their powers. In the end he gains the final getsuga tenchou by submitting to Tensa Zangetsu in battle. Thus he never really won this final battle, not even indirectly.

Instead I believe that his battle with Ulquiorra was his ultimate fight. He may not have fought him directly after changing into his fully hollowfied state, but his co-existence with the hollow inside of him was set up from the very beginning of this show. It was explained that he constantly had to fight against this hollow to remain in control of his own body, and that he could both borrow its powers and be taken over by it during fights. Every time this happens he has to battle against it to regain control. So when Ichigo fully hollowfies and defeats Ulquiorra, he then has to defeat the hollow and so he still fought this battle. It was simply an indirect victory.

I found Ichigo’s fight with Ulquiorra to be my favourite out of the many battles in Bleach. It was the most entertaining, and the most meaningful moment of the show. I also think that it would have made for a strong and poignant ending.


Please comment to let me know your thoughts.

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Anime Subs versus Dubs


There are many different views out there on dubs and subs. Often people will choose to watch either one or the other for most anime. There are also some who condemn both in the belief that you can’t get the true value of anime when it’s translated, but I’ll leave that topic for another day. I myself usually watch dubs when they are available and subs when dubs are unavailable.

The big question that people seem to wonder about is, which is better? However I don’t believe that a question this broad can be answered so simply, and that it should be judged on a show by show basis.

Courtesy of

For example I have watched both the subbed and dubbed versions of Blue Exorcist and found that the voice actor who played Yukio in the subbed version made the character seem very unlikeable, even though I believe he wasn’t meant to have been portrayed that way. Whereas Johnny Yong Bosch from the dubbed version made Yukio’s character seem like he was essentially a good person, despite having some flaws. So in this case I preferred the dubbed version.

However in the case of Kamisama Kiss, I found that the voice actors did a fairly good job in the subbed version. While all of the voice actors in the dub were very talented, I felt that they were wrongly cast for the roles they were fulfilling. So in this case I preferred the subbed version, even though I’d probably watch the dubbed version again too depending on my mood at the time.

I don’t often watch series in both sub and dub, but these are a few examples. I may consider doing this for more series if you guys want sub and dub comparisons for other series though, so leave a comment if you do!


Please comment to let me know your thoughts.

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